Mobility Scooter Laws Undergo Reform

Posted in: 8th March 2010 by erica

Mobility scooter users could be required to take a ‘fitness to drive’ test and take out motor insurance in the future.

A three-month consultation on the matter considered issues such as weight limits, training, fitness to drive, insurance and registration, according to transport minister Sadiq Khan.

“The review also made some key recommendations: that vehicle users should have third party insurance; that a simple fitness to drive assessment be developed; and that vehicle users should receive more advice and training in the use of mobility vehicles,” he said.

He added that the proposed changes will be aimed at making mobility scooters safer on footpaths and carriageways.

The review found that there may now be up to 330,000 people who have access to a mobility scooter.

According to Disabled Travel Advice, insurance policies for mobility scooters are likely to cover the cost of repairing or replacing a scooter in the event of an accident and even a breakdown service to ensure people get home safe if their scooter breaks down.