Halton Pensioner falls victim to con

Posted in: 26th April 2010 by erica
VULNERABLE pensioners are being warned to be on their guard after a 79-year-old woman became the victim of a ‘deplorable’ con.

The warning comes after the elderly victim was deprived of £40 by a couple of bogus workmen.

The two conmen bluffed their way into the pensioner’s Halton View home by showing a phoney ID card.

The crooks left a business card which gave their name, address and telephone number as PJ Platt, FS Community Installation Service, 14 Gloucester Avenue, Blackpool, 07880 992353 – details which turned out to be false.

Cllr Marie Wright (community) said: ‘I think this is deplorable. It is really important that people keep safe by only opening the door when it is someone you know, or someone who carries credible identification.’

Anyone who receives a similar approach should contact Halton Consumer Protection on 0151 471 7515.