Caring Collin Farrel Helps At Stairlift Fundraiser!

Posted in: 21st September 2010 by erica

Collin Farrel showed his compassionate side recently by paying  a surprise visit to a nightclub in stourbridge, to attend a fundraiser event for Jane Whitehouse, who suffers from the same rare genetic disease as his seven year old son.

Jane Whitehouse,  a 40 year old woman from kidderminster has angelman syndrome, and was in desperate need of a stairlift. Her brother Mark Brewer organised the fundraiser.

Farrel traveled to the event after he heard about the woman’s situation from a friend of ex boxer Joe Eagan, who also attended the event.

“Collin was Brilliant” said Brewer, “He couldn’tdo enough, and spent a lot of time with Jane and everyone who attended”.