Worlds Fastest Mobility Scooter!

Posted in: 13th October 2010 by erica

Colin Furze, 31, has spent nearly 4 months converting a mobility scooter, which has a powerful 125cc motorbike engine installed under the seat, five gears and twin exhausts.

The petrol-powered super scooter, which is British racing green, can almost reach the national speed limit and keep up with cars on the motorway. It does 10 miles to the gallon and is nearly nine times faster than an average mobility scooter which glides along at just 8mph.

Mr Furze decided to transform the scooter after he was given the machine by a friend.

He was determined to build the fastest mobility scooter in the world and applied to Guinness to set the record as there wasn’t one already in place.

“It is quite scary when I’m driving it fast as the frame is pretty flimsy and designed for going along at slow speeds,” said Mr Furze, from Huyton, Liverpool.

Mr Furze is now going to do a time trial at the Santa Pod Raceway, Northants and hoping to gain a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

“I will be wearing full leathers and a crash helmet for the record attempt,” he said. “My aim is to hit 70mph – that would make me really happy.”