Fiesty Grandmother Fights Back!

Posted in: 19th October 2010 by erica

Courageous Grandmother Margaret Bilsland chased off a would be mugger by hitting her on the head with a walking stick.

Margaret Bilsland was walking home from Cumbernauld town centre at lunch time with friend Nan Alexander when a teenage girl started speaking to her, and then attempted to steal her bag.

“The girl began to talk to us, we replied then continued walking.

“I had my handbag in my hand and I felt my arm being pulled back. I swung round to face the girl and she continued to hang on to my bag.

“My walking stick was in my right hand and I just reacted automatically. It was the bottom of my stick that hit her on the head and it took three attempts before she let go.” Brave Margaret said.

The girl, who is thought to be about 18 years old, then left followed by a man of roughly the same age.

Margaret and Nan, who live in Merseyside, then informed the police of the incident.

Although shaken by the incident both Margaret and Nan, who also uses a walking stick, say it has not put them off venturing into town.

Nan said: “I’m always out walking and it’s not put me off doing that, but I will be more careful about what I carry with me, and I think others should be too.”