Mobility Scooter Used As Moving Van!

Posted in: 21st October 2010 by erica

A man has been filmed carrying a long roll of carpet on his mobility scooter along a road in Merseyside.

 Gary McKenna, who was a passenger in a car behind, shot the clip on his mobile phone and posted it on youtube.

The 20-year-old said that while the incident, in Wincanton, looked comical it could have been dangerous.

Police said laws governing the unsafe carriage of goods did not apply to mobility scooters, but their drivers should take road safety into account.

The footage shows that the carpet takes up the width of one lane.

“He went past, in the middle of the road pretty much. Cars were nearly hitting him.

“It’s a danger to himself and a danger to other motorists. If someone wasn’t careful, they could’ve hit him off and he could’ve got seriously hurt and his family wouldn’t like that.”

Mr McKenna said: “We waited for him to come past, then we thought it would be funny to video it, because it was quite funny and out of the ordinary.

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: “Because mobility scooters are not classed as a ‘motor vehicle’, legislation such as the unsafe carriage of goods or driving without reasonable consideration does not apply.

“That said, we would expect anyone driving one to apply their common sense and always consider the safety of other people using our roads.”