OAPs Fight To Use Scooter In Lift

Posted in: 25th October 2010 by erica

Disabled Pensioner Tom Write, aged 83 has fought out against a regulation stopping him from being able to use his mobility scooter in the lift of his rented flat in Poole. The former building contractor who has kidney dialysis three times a week and is on oxygen therapy, was stopped from using the lift for over a week.

“Even me and the weight of my mobility scooter combined comes nowhere near the maximum,” he said.

“It may have only been just over a week but I feel it is victimisation all the same – I have kidney failure and lung failure, I haven’t got long to live to be honest. The scooter was stuck in the hall and I was stuck in the drawing room. It was bought more than two months ago, and I had to wait for six weeks while a ramp was built so I can get to my building. Then I get a letter about the lift. I didn’t buy it just to look at it.”

Tom’s son, Nicholas, described the decision by Napier Management Services as “health and safety gone mad.”

A spokesman for Napier, which runs the 12-flat block in Avalon, Lilliput, explained they only asked Mr Wright to refrain from using the lift until they got the all-clear from the lift company, who now say there is no issue with weight.