Stairlifts Could Help Prevent Falls!

Posted in: 15th November 2010 by erica

Stairlifts may help older individuals safely traverse steps in the house, as it has been revealed that almost 30 per cent of accidents occur as people travel between floors.

The Press Democrat advised the elderly to ensure stairways are well lit and banisters secure.

Using high-wattage bulbs and installing an extra railing on the steps could help prevent people from falling, it claimed.

Tripping can cause serious harm in older people, the news provider said, citing the US Centers for Disease Control, which has revealed falls are the top reason for injury and death in aging individuals.

Chris Ryan of Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital’s outpatient orthopaedic clinic remembered a woman in her 80s who took a tumble when her dog got in her way.

“She ended up needing to get caregivers throughout the week to help her with basic tasks and she was a pretty independent gal,” he stated.

This comes after home safety manager for England at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Sheila Merrill also said stairways are the area of the home where the most serious incidents can occur.