OAP Builds A One Of A Kind MO-BIN-ITY Scooter !!!

Posted in: 21st January 2011 by erica

He may not drive anymore but a pensioner has a wheelie good idea of getting rubbish down to the tip.

Alan Cresswell who is 91 often hooks up his wheelie bin to the back of his mobility scooter to transport waste from his home in Knotty Ash, Merseyside , down to the West Derby Waste and Recycling Centre.

The former RAF flight lieutenant travels the three-mile round trip on the roads through the town centre, reaching speeds of up to 8mph, where he has raised a few eyebrows and smiles.

Mr Cresswell, who lives with his son Tony, began to make the regular trips last summer after the bin became too full due to grass clippings.

The Second World War veteran said it was not that North West Council’s bin collections were not frequent enough, even during icy weather.

It is just that he sometimes forget to put it out on the right day.

He said: “I am of an earlier generation when you tried to do things for yourself. I don’t see why people sit and complain. If I can do it behind a mobility buggy I am sure people can do it in a car.

“No-one has objected to me driving along the main roads.

“On one occasion two policemen in a police car overtook me and smiled.

“I am sure I’m not doing anything illegal.”

The trips takes the grandfather about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

When he gets to the other end of his journey, the staff at the centre unhitch the bin, heave the contents into the relevant skip before he heads off back home with his bin behind his scooter.

Mr Cresswell joined the RAF in the Second World War after the Germans invaded his home in the Channel Islands in 1940.

After learning to fly in Florida, Mr Cresswell went on to fly combat missions which saw him hunting submarines and bombing occupied Europe.

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross as a result of his combat operations.

Piloting a mobility scooter with a bin attached is easy compared to other vehicles Mr Cresswell has operated over the years.

During the Second World War he flew Hurricanes and Wellingtons but mostly Halifax bombers.

Last year he celebrated his 91st birthday by flying in a Cessna 152 aircraft over Bourne for the day.