New FDX Powerchair From Invacare!!!!

Posted in: 9th February 2011 by erica
Invacare is delighted to announce the launch of the Invacare FDX, a nippy front-wheel drive power chair that offers a superior driving experience both indoors and out. The FDX is characterised by its compact size, all round adaptability and appealing aesthetics, enhanced by two different wheel sizes and widths to optimally fit different requirements.

With its exceptionally intuitive drive, the FDX is available in two models 6km/h or 10km/h featuring accessible batteries, motor and electronics with adjustable seats, back and legrests all contributing to its ease-of-use and trouble free driving.

Tackling different driving conditions and environments can be achieved in confidence due to FDX’s front-wheel drive engineering combined with the new G-Trac function giving greater control and freedom of movement, especially in narrow spaces, tight corners, slopes and on uneven surfaces.

As with all Invacare models, individual comfort is a top consideration in the FDX. The Easy-Adapt modular seating offers active postural support designed to meet 80% of all client needs and can be adjusted in width and depth with just one tool. A 90 degree adjustable central legrest provides added comfort and can be tucked away for ease-of-use in tight spaces. Tilt-in-space and seat lift are available as options.

The Invacare FDX will strongly appeal to men and women seeking a robust, adaptable and easy-to-use power chair that will increase their enjoyment of active mobility – FDX leading you at the front.