New Quickie Life from Sunrise Medical !!!

Posted in: 15th February 2011 by erica
Quickie Life combines a quality, lightweight build with a stylish design. Perfect for those who don’t want to compromise.

However you choose to unwind, Quickie Life can be adjusted and configured to suit your lifestyle. Choose between a fixed front lightweight frame for a more active look and feel, or the swing-away version if you want to make it even easier to fold and transport.

Quickie Life has:

– Modern looks

– Offers high level of performance

– Is lightweight, from just 12.1kg

– Offers a full range of adjustability and a wide option range to suit a wide range of needs

Product Highlights:

Backrest angle adjustment –  Lightweight and simple to adjust . Provides 18° angle adjustment, from -9° to +9° in 3° increments Product

3 arm cross brace system – Provides strength with reduced weight and clean optics – all with a clean look.

Simple and quick to adjust fork angle – With increased angle range to ensure optimal driving performance.

Seat height adjustable in 7 positions

With camber from 0º-4°. Axle plate available in 3 anodized colours (Orange, Black and Silver).

Available to order from One Stop Mobility !!!