Quickie Rumba Modular powerchair from Sunrise Medical !

Posted in: 11th February 2011 by erica

The Quickie Rumba Modular is a versatile and flexible powered wheelchair that meets the needs of users and healthcare professionals alike.

The Rumba Modular‘s new adjustable design and range of modular options allow healthcare professionals to cater for the widest range of clients, tailoring each chair to the user perfectly. Compact and maneuverable, with a short turning circle, the Rumba Modular is durable and powerful over uneven outdoor terrain.

Excellent indoor maneuverability

The Rumba Modular‘s compact base and tight turning circle makes Indoor driving safe and simple. Maneuvering through tight spaces at work or around the home is safe and easy thanks to the smooth drive, nimble performance and speed-adjustable controller.

Excellent outdoor performance

Outdoor driving is safe and reliable with the Rumba Modular. High performance motors and a programmable controller deliver a smooth yet powerful ride whilst the well balanced, folding frame design ensures safety, stability and user comfort across uneven ground and obstacles.

Easy, adjustable comfort

The Rumba Modular covers a wide range of seat sizes from 37cm to 53cm wide, with an adjustable backrest providing 42 to 50cm of seat depth built in to every chair. The backrest is also height and angle adjustable, whilst the contoured arm pads are width, height and depth adjustable to suit individual user requirements.

All adjustments on the Rumba Modular are quick and simple. From only two standard frame sizes healthcare professionals can truly tailor the Rumba Modular to their client’s individual requirements and with the range of modular options, both comfort and clinical objectives can be achieved efficiently.

Modular Options

The Rumba Modular is available with a wide range of options to suit users with a wide variety of clinical requirements. These include comfort, positioning and manual or powered options. All options are modular in design so adding or changing options after sale requires no complex alterations or ordering of multiple parts, so not only adjusting but also reconfiguring the Rumba Modular for your customer is simply and quick.

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