Couple celebrate anniversary with mobility scooter race!!!

Posted in: 23rd March 2011 by erica

Norman and Audrey Warner, from Liverpool, have celebrated six decades of marriage by taking part in a race against each other in their mobility scooters.

As part of their anniversary celebrations they posed on their mobility scooters and then raced each other down a street near their home.

Pictures in the newspaper show Audrey on her mobility scooter in front of her husband of 60 years and speaking to the source, she explained how their relationship began.

When the pair met at a dance in 1947, she admitted to thinking her future husband was “horrible”.

“He trod in a puddle and it had been raining so he splashed it all over me,” she explained.

Residents in Liverpool recently came to the aid of Hettie Nyman, whose mobility aid was stolen from outside her home two weeks ago.

A local store has now pledged to provide her with a rental mobility scooter each day, if one is available.