£23,000,000 for Assisted Living

Posted in: 20th April 2011 by erica

The Technology Strategy Board is to invest up to £18 million over four years to show how new technologies can help support independent living for elderly people and people living with long-term illnesses to improve their quality of life.

The Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale or the DALLAS programme, will set up to 5 sites across the UK to show how assisted living technologies and services can be used to promote well-being and provide top quality health and care, enabling people to live independently.

The programme will also show how cost savings could be made alongside the provision of improved health benefits for both public and private provision, while opening new markets in social innovation, service innovation and wellness.

There will be a total investment over four years of £23 million. The Technology Strategy Board will invest £18 million in the UK-wide programme while the Scottish Government has agreed to invest a further £5 million, to establish one of the sites in Scotland. Earlier this month the Technology Strategy Board and the Scottish Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a Scottish Assisted Living Demonstrator with each committed to invest up to £5m.

A competition for contracts to establish the DALLAS sites will open in June 2011. Further information about the competition will be published by the Technology Strategy Board in June.