The Mobility Grand Prix

Posted in: 28th June 2011 by erica

The well known breakfast radio programme Christian O’Connell Breakfast attend the Mall at 5am in what was essentially an illegal Grand Prix but instead of racing cars the vehicles where mobility scooters The start line was the Admiralty arch the team raced along the Mall on mobility scooters with the aim to reach the finish line at Buckingham Palace.
Health and safety was paramount so a crew including a paramedic and a qualified first aider / bodyguard were there in case of emergency. The famous Nico Ferrari, son of Nick Ferrari of LBC joined in on the fun. Nico is a racing driver instructor and was on hand to give the team guidance and offer much needed assistance, even physically pushing
Head of the legal department at Absolute Radio Andrew Ryan played a key role in escorting the crew and making sure that no-one got arrested. The Mobility Grand Prix race ran without a hiccup and while hearts were in mouths when two police officers on motorbikes sped past along the Mall, Christian and co were relieved to see them simply wave as they continued on with their patrol.