Stannah Starla Stairlift

Posted in: 13th July 2011 by erica

Stannah has launched the new Starla  curved stairlift. Stannahs latest model of stairlift has a new chair  which offers improved comfort, safety and ease of use. It comes with a  new seat, armrest design and backrest. The new Starla stairlift boasts a greater range of swivel options and a straightforward controller to maximise safetly when moving and getting on and off.

The new Starla stairlift from Stannah als0 comes with the option a high quality wooden trim, available in either light or dark wood. The seat comes with a choice of upholsteries, contemporary or traditional which will suit any home. The look and feel of the chair is one of simplicity and elegance.

As with all Stannah models, the Starla chair is easy for installers to fit. It has been built with less packaging meaning installations are quicker and easier, helping to save valuable time and cost.

Importantly, the Starla stairlift is quality engineered to be safe and effective for many years, making it ideal for reuse through the reconditioned market. It has been designed to be simple to remove, refurbish, upgrade and re-site.

To find out more about this or any other Stannah reconditoned stairlift, please call us.