Beware of Bogus Callers

Posted in: 18th October 2011 by erica

Beware of Bogus Callers

 Older people are less likely than any other age group to be victims of crime. But there is one type of criminal that target older people: bogus callers.

Also known as distraction burglars, they trick their way into people’s homes to steal money and valuables while the householder’s attention is elsewhere.
Most callers are genuine and mean you no harm but bogus callers can often seem very plausible and will try to fool you.

Scams checklist 


If an exciting offer seems too good to be true, think about the following warning signs and ask yourself if its s scam

•              Was the offer unsolicited?

•              Do you have to respond quickly? What’s the rush?

•              Do you have to pay for a prize or ‘free’ gift?

•              Do you have to ring a premium rate starting with 09?

•              Are you being asked for your bank or credit card details?

•              Is the business reluctant to give you its address or contact details?

•              Are you being asked to keep the offer confidential?


There’s nothing wrong with being sceptical – especially before sighing anything or handing over any money