Is your stairway safe?

Posted in: 22nd November 2011 by erica

Ensure you have good lighting

Make sure the edge of the steps are clearly lighted and can be seen while going up and down. Make sure there is no glare or shadows going along the stairway.

  • Use the brightest wattage allowed for your light fitting
  • If there are any glares use a frosted bulb or indirect lighting or lamp shades.
  • Make sure a qualified electrician fits the light fitting
  • Have light switches fitted at the top and bottom of the stairs




  • Ensure each stair or step allows secure footing
  • Loose carpeting and worn treads can lead to insecure footing so get this fixed
  • Slippers, socks or smooth soled shoes can be dangerous on the stairs
  • Consider painting any outdoor steps with a paint with a rough texture or use abrasive strips
  • Steps should all be the same size and height
  • Ensure the edges of each step can be clearly seen
  • Avoid carpets with a thick pile or dark in colour
  • Don’t leave things lying around on the stairs
  • Consider having a stairlift fitted