Stairlift Buying Tips

Posted in: 15th November 2011 by erica

 Once you have decided that a stairlit is for you and that it could help make your life easier it is very important that you choose the right stairlift for you and your requirements. Think about now aswell as the future

·         Safety and reliability should be the number one consideration.

·         Talk to someone who has a stairlift. Quiz them about any concerns they

·         Shop around a number of reputable companies so you can compare services, products and prices

·         Do not buy from a cold callers who try to sell you a stairlift.

·         Don’t rush your decision, take your time.            

·         Consider  your personal needs and decide what  product features would be most useful for you.

·         Think about your future situation. A straight stairlift may be ok now if you can manage the top step on a bend, but what about a couple of years ahead? You don’t want to be paying out again for another curved stairlift

·         Your stairs must be properly assessed by a representative of the company that will install the stairlift.

Straight or Curved Stairlift?

There are two main types of stairlift designed to fit different kinds of stairs: straight and curved and it is important to purchase the right track for your staircase. A straight stairlift only travels up straight stairs while a curved stairlift is able to go round bends in the stairs and along landings and half landings.