Which scooter do I choose?

Posted in: 3rd November 2011 by erica
Which scooter do I choose?
 There are so many different makes and models of mobility scooter on the market and making the right choice for you can be difficult. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before purchasing your scooter
·         Can I get on and off easily?
·         Are the controls in a comfortable position and will I be able to use them over a long period of time?
·         Is the scooter comfy to ride?
·         Will the scooter suit my needs of the next couple of years?
·         Will the scooter be able to cover the terrain I wish to go over?
·         Can it carry my shopping?
·         Can the scooter climb kerbs? Do I need it to climb kerbs?
·         Can I dismantle easily to put in my car if necessary?
·         Do I have anywhere to store and charge my scooter whilst not in use?
·         Is the scooter safe and stable for me?