Downton Abbey Could Use A Liverpool Stairlift!

Posted in: 24th September 2013 by erica

Downton Abbey Could Use A Liverpool Stairlift Or Two!

Downton Abbey. Need I say more? Series four started on Sunday night and we just love it! However being a Liverpool stairlifts company we can’t help but worry how the dowager countess is going to cope with all them stairs!

If Downton was set today then she’d have no problems at all. We could pop down to Downton, measure up the staircase(s) and she’d be good to go! Giving people a haughty look of derision on every single level of the house would be totally possible if she had a stairlift fitted! We won’t lie, it would be a hard job even for us and we’ve got a feeling that somehow whizzing down the grand staircase on a Stannah or a Minivator wouldn’t have the same dramatic effect… but hey, at least she’d be safe!

Be The Count Or Countess Of Your Own Abbey With A Liverpool Stairlift

If you feel like you’re missing out on enjoying all the different floors of your home just because you have trouble with stairs then you should really consider looking at Liverpool stairlifts. Having mobility problems is bad enough without letting it affect your daily life. By getting a Liverpool stairlift you will be taking back your freedom and be able to once again scale the stairs that have become a mountain to climb.

Whether you want a brand new or reconditioned Liverpool Stairlift all of ours come with amazing aftercare and commitment that is fit for any Lord or Lady of the manor! With our 24/7 emergency call out service and a professional team of installers and engineers on hand you won’t be disappointed!

We don’t live in post war Britain anymore like the cast of Downton but times are hard just the same. That’s why we are proud to say our prices are competitive and fair and we will even buy back your Liverpool Stairlift should a time come that you no longer require it.

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