Avoid ‘Twipping’ With Stairlifts Liverpool

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Avoid ‘Twipping’ With Stairlifts Liverpool

There are some things that we will just never understand. ‘Twipping’ is one of them. What’s twipping you ask? Well believe it or not it’s a brand new social media craze. Imagine a cross between the words Twitter and tripping and you’ve got it! While most sane people are trying to get up and down their stairs in the safest way possible, these idiots are actually tweeting pictures of themselves falling down stairs. Yes, this is a real thing!

Just when you thought that social media crazes couldn’t get more contrived we are now faced with a load of attention seekers (mostly teens) posting photos of themselves either mid fall or lying at the bottom of a fight of stairs!

Twipping follows the “I spilled ___ on myself” trend! Apparently it’s just hilarious to spill hot coffee on your legs and other such nonsense! We are not saying that all social media trends are moronic, just most of them.

Make Sure Your Staircase Is Safe With Liverpool Stairlifts

Like we said before, most sane people want to actually avoid harm and that is something at a Liverpool stairlift company can help you with. If you feel like your stairs are no longer safe for you or a family member, or climbing them is becoming harder and harder then you really should consider finding out about reconditioned stairlifts or new stairlifts.

Both our new and used stairlifts Liverpool come with a price beater guarantee, next day installation, warranty, 24 hour service and much more. We even offer stairlift rental just incase your mobility problems are short term.

Stairlifts Wirral, Stairlifts Liverpool And Stairlifts Merseyside

Although we are based in Wallasey we cater to everyone in Merseyside. We can even come and dow home demonstrations for those who need it. Contact us on 0151 638 6978 for a friendly chat about your mobility needs.

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