Adjustable Beds and Electric Profiling Beds

Adjustable beds also know as electric beds or profiling beds or even hospital beds, can be adjusted into various positions to make sleeping more comfortable, help certain medical conditions and also help getting in and out of the bed. They can be used by those who are temporarily or permanently bed-ridden to make daily life more comfortable. Modern beds can be adjusted by a remote control to adjust either the upper end of the bed to raise and lower the back and head, or the lower end of the bed to raise and lower the legs. They can also be fitted with extra features such as heat and massage.

ajustable bedWhat our Customers said about Adjustable Beds…

“I have arthritis of the spine and my back is in a lot of pain. My adjustable bed helped me to sleep alot better.” Mrs Hornby, Liverpool

“Watching TV and reading is so much more comfortable with our new adjustable bed” Mr Pulford, Wirral

“The electric profiling bed helped me care for my wife” Mr Green, Cheshire

AdjustableDoubleBackgroundTailored Comfort

Electric beds can be altered into a comfortable position as per the sleeper’s requirements. They can be made very comfortable for reading or for watching TV in bed. As the bed can be molded according to the person’s body structure, they can provide upmost comfort and relaxation. Memory foam mattresses are also available.

casa medical bed

Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

  • They can ease swelling of the legs and ease back pain.
  • They can relieve soreness of the body and sooth neck and shoulder tension.
  • They can also offset acid reflux and night time heartburn.
  • They can provide relief for certain parts of the body such as the neck, the spine and the knees.
  • They can also aid getting in and out of the bed.

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