Manual Wheelchairs

Transit WheelchairFree Home Demonstration

By listening to you One Stop Mobility can help you choose what type of wheelchair is best for you. Please come in to our mobility shop in Wallasey, Wirral to see our large range of wheelchairs and to get some free advice.  If getting into our shop is a problem then give us a call and we can bring out any suitable wheelchairs to your home for a free no obligation demonstration.

Our lightweight aliminum wheelchairs start at £180.

We also have a range of electric and powered wheelchairs that start at around £1500.

Wheelchair Hire

We also offer a wheelchair hire service for those who only need a wheelchair for a temporary period. We ask for £25 refundable deposit and it costs £2.50 per day. There is no miniumum or maximum hire period.

Our Wheelchair Buying Guide

We understand it can be quite daunting when buying a wheelchair but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few basic g5guidelines to consider when choosing the right wheelchair for your needs. Some wheelchairs such as sports or ultra light wheelchairs may have different measurements and specifications.

Wheelchair types

You will find two main types of manual wheelchairs in today’s market

  • Self Propelled  – This type of wheelchair has larger wheels at the rear and the user can maneouver the chair themselves. However they also have handles so they can be pushed by someone else. They also can be bought with various wheelchair accessories such as attendant brakes. Our prices start at around £199 for type of self propelled wheelchair.
  • Attendant  Wheelchairs –  This wheelchair is pushed by a third party – the wheelchair can not be moved by the wheelchair user as all four wheels are small casters. Our prices start around £180 for this type of wheelchair.

Wheelchair Weightg5transit

The lighter the wheelchair is the easier it will be to push by both the user and any companion. It will also make it easier to put in the car if required. However lightweight wheelchairs may not always be the best solution especially if the user spends long periods in the wheelchair. The terrain to b e covered should also be considered.

Lightweight wheelchairs frames are usually made from alumimium and the heavier standard wheelchairs are often made of steel.

Wheelchair Seating Capacity

When choosing a wheelchair the weight of the wheelchair user plays a major role. Depending on the users weight specific wheelchairs can be bought, a standard wheelchair can carry up to approximately 18 stone (135Kg). If the wheelchair user needs a stronger or heavy duty wheelchair then a Bariatric wheelchair may be the best solution, bariatric wheelchairs can carry up to 70 stone (440Kg) and more.

The weight of the user should be considered over a period of time as it is worth considering buying a wheelchair that is ready for heavier weights in the future.

Wheelchair Seat Size

The standard wheelchair cushion has a width of 18inches, but you can buy other sizes. The depth or thickness of a standard cushion varies from 5 to 6cm. If you need a thicker or thinner base then custom wheelchair cushions can be bought.

To establish what width of wheelchair seat you will need you should  measure the user from hip to hip whilst they are seated and then add couple of inches for comfort and for bulky clothing.

Wheelchair Seat Height

The seat height can be determined by measuring the wheelchair user whilst sitting straight, the knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle. The measurement itself is taken from the heel to the bend in the knee. Preferably when taking measurements the user should sit on a flat solid surface, this ensures that all measurements are correct and not influenced.

After you have the basic measurement the depth of the seat cushion needs be added to the height and then a couple of centimeters for comfort and foot clearance.

Wheelchair Arm Rests

There are 4 main types of wheelchair arm rests:

  • Fixed or Permanent, these can not be removed from the wheelchair at all, they are a permanent fixture
  • Adjustable, the height can be adjusted to individual wheelchair users
  • Removable, as the name says, the armrest can be fully removed from the wheelchair frame
  • Flip Back, the back arm rests are similar to the removable type, they can be moved out of the way when not in use or when the user wishes to sit down or get out of the wheelchair
  • Custom arm rests are also available, combining individual features provides the best solution. Arm rests also come in two different lengths or can be custom made

Wheelchair Leg Rests

Wheelchair legrests allow the wheelchair user to lift their legs and position them. Footrests are normally height adjustable to provide proper leg support. Leg rests can be bought as ‘swing away’ and detachable, either letting the user move them out of the way when getting in or out of the wheelchair or removing them completely.

Elevated Leg Rests

These are what they say they and are great if the user is unable to bend a leg. They can often be bought as en extra feature with many wheelchairs.

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