Stairlifts in Liverpool Buyers Guide

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Stairlifts in Liverpool Buyers Guide

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Liverpool Stairlift’s Buyer’s Guide

Stairlifts make the task of climbing the stairs a thing of the past.. A perfect solution for anyone who has poor mobility or the elderly.

Looking to buy a stairlift in Liverpool?

Look no further! Our online guide offering information and advice covering the entire process from beginning to end and beyond. Use the tabs above to navigate through our resources in order to find exactly what you need to know.

Looking for a stairlift price ?

No problem, give us a call on 0151 638 6978 and we can arrange a no obligation visit to your property and we can give you a price there and then on the spot. Not only that but we guarantee to better any other quote you may have had.

Give Someone A Liverpool Stairlift This Christmas

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Give Someone A Liverpool Stairlift This Christmas

Would a Liverpool Stairlift be the perfect gift for someone you know? Christmas is fast approaching and it’s safe to say that most of us get into a panic when it comes to getting our loved ones gifts. While it’s nice to put some thought into the present picking process, with so many people to buy for your mind can go blank.

We all like to give and receive gifts that suit our personality, but what about gifts that suit our needs? Yes Christmas is an indulgent time but at the core of it is a message of family and love. If someone in your family could benefit from a Liverpool stairlift this year then don’t be put off by the fact that it’s not a traditional gift to give.

Who really needs another pair of slippers or a basket full of soaps and bubble bath? If you have a friend or family member that would benefit a lot more from a Liverpool stairlift then go for it!

Stairlifts Liverpool Are The Perfect Joint Present

Liverpool stairlifts aren’t your usual £10 Marks and Spencer gift card and may cost more than those festive cardigans you got your grandparents for the last five Christmases! However a Liverpool stairlift is a gift that keeps on giving. Stairlifts Liverpool brings the gift or freedom, the gift of safety and the gift of peace of mind. These are things that you can’t put a price on.

A Liverpool stairlift is the perfect joint gift. If you and a few other family members are in a tizzy about what to buy a hard to please loved one, or you just want to show that you care about their well being why not all club together? There is safety in numbers after all and imagine the look on your relatives face when you all tell them that this year they will be receiving a Liverpool stairlift.

Rent A Stairlift If Relatives Are Staying Over This Christmas

One of the best things about Christmas is the family time. For lots of people their family is scattered all over the country and when Christmas comes it means people move in for a week or two. If you have a loved one who will be visiting this year and has trouble making it up stairs then it’s worth looking into getting a rental stairlift. Liverpool stairlifts don’t always have to be a permanent feature in your home. Rent a stairlift from us for as long as you need and we can have it installed in no time.

Tips Before Choosing a Liverpool Stairlift

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Start Thinking About a better Life with Liverpool Stairlifts

Liverpool stairlifts can change your life, it’s a fact. If you have been growing anxious about your ability to climb the stairs in comfort then you need not worry any longer. Stairlifts in Liverpool are designed to bring the joy of independence and increased mobility back to your home. Stairlifts are incredible inventions that glide up and down the stairs making movement as easy as can be in multi storied homes. Don’t worry about saving for that bungalow, choose a stairlift and change your life. Before you get started though take these tips into consideration.

Think about your stairs

When it comes to Liverpool stairlifts the first thing you will need to think about is the shape of your stairs. Whether straight or curved it doesn’t really matter as Liverpool stairlifts provides both models and can fit your stairlift with ease. Curved stairlifts do require a little extra work when it comes to installation so you should take this into account when planning your budget.

Pick the right company

Make sure you take the time to choose the right company for your stairlift installation. You want a company that cares about its customers and can do the job in a jiffy with minimum fuss. Keep a keen eye out for companies that offer no obligation surveys and quotes as standard practice.

Decide whether to rent or buy

You also need to make the decision whether you want to rent your stairlift or buy one outright. To make this decision you should take a close look at your finances and decipher your long term plans. If you are planning on moving out in the near future then it may be more cost effective to simply rent a stairlift. If you are planning on staying put then buying a stairlift may be cheaper in the long run especially if you choose a reconditioned stairlift.

Are You Looking For Stair Lifts Liverpool?

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Are You Looking For Stair Lifts Liverpool?

Looking for stairlifts in Liverpool and stairlifts in Merseyside can seem like a daunting task. However if you or a family member are having difficulty going up and down the stairs in your home then it is something you really need to consider. We understand that people can feel unsure about where to look and we are here to help.

If you or a member of you family is finding it hard to get to the different levels of your home due to difficulty with steps then a good Liverpool stairlift is the perfect solution. A Liverpool stairlift will transport you or your loved one in a safe seated position at a slow and steady pace. We know that there are so many options available and you need to choose one that meets your needs as well as your budget.

Types Of Liverpool Stairlifts.

The two types of Liverpool stairlifts that are sold today are curved and straight. Obviously which type you chose will depend on the shape and design for your staircase. Curved Liverpool stairlifts need to do more work than a straight ones. They are needed to go around corners or bends and even change direction. Due to this difference in design they are more expensive than the straight Merseyside stairlifts. A straight stair lift is one that travels in a straight line up a flight of stairs and will encounter now bends or curves at all.

Reconditioned Or New?

While it’s always nice to buy something brand new, when it comes to Liverpool stairlifts you can get a fantastic reconditioned one without a hefty price tag. When you’re looking for the perfect home stairlift you might feel unsure about choosing a used one but you needn’t worry. Our reconditioned stairlifts Liverpool are rigorously checked and any worn parts will be completely replaced before the are sold to a customer. All our reconditioned stairlifts come with a 12 month guarantee and they comply with British Safety Standards so opting for a used Liverpool stairlift instead of a new one runs no risks at all.

No matter where you are in Merseyside we know we can offer you the perfect Liverpool stair lifts and wirral stair lifts. Brand new, reconditioned, for rent or for purchase we have them all.

Downton Abbey Could Use A Liverpool Stairlift!

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Downton Abbey Could Use A Liverpool Stairlift Or Two!

Downton Abbey. Need I say more? Series four started on Sunday night and we just love it! However being a Liverpool stairlifts company we can’t help but worry how the dowager countess is going to cope with all them stairs!

If Downton was set today then she’d have no problems at all. We could pop down to Downton, measure up the staircase(s) and she’d be good to go! Giving people a haughty look of derision on every single level of the house would be totally possible if she had a stairlift fitted! We won’t lie, it would be a hard job even for us and we’ve got a feeling that somehow whizzing down the grand staircase on a Stannah or a Minivator wouldn’t have the same dramatic effect… but hey, at least she’d be safe!

Be The Count Or Countess Of Your Own Abbey With A Liverpool Stairlift

If you feel like you’re missing out on enjoying all the different floors of your home just because you have trouble with stairs then you should really consider looking at Liverpool stairlifts. Having mobility problems is bad enough without letting it affect your daily life. By getting a Liverpool stairlift you will be taking back your freedom and be able to once again scale the stairs that have become a mountain to climb.

Whether you want a brand new or reconditioned Liverpool Stairlift all of ours come with amazing aftercare and commitment that is fit for any Lord or Lady of the manor! With our 24/7 emergency call out service and a professional team of installers and engineers on hand you won’t be disappointed!

We don’t live in post war Britain anymore like the cast of Downton but times are hard just the same. That’s why we are proud to say our prices are competitive and fair and we will even buy back your Liverpool Stairlift should a time come that you no longer require it.